Our Story

Having been in the cannabis industry for twenty plus years we’ve learned a thing or two.

Our goal is to bring to you the best quality products we can! We believe everybody should have access to triple AAA products at a fair price; as such we only stock triple AAA + products.

Our flowers are all produced in-house and are all unique to us as we’ve painstakingly hunted and cultivated all our genetics from thousands of seeds that we’ve cracked.

Our flowers are grown for nine plus weeks and flushed for twenty plus days. We hang dry the plants in whole for a ten-day cold cure until they are ready to be hand trimmed and further cured for ten days (being burped everyday to help further) the curing process by releasing built up gases and exchanging them with fresh air to help promote the molecular breakdown of terpenes and flavaniods and organic matters to ensure a flavourful smooth smoking product.

Our concentrates, shatter, and solvent free rosin are also derived from our flowers ensuring highest quality.

Our distillate pens, edibles, and tinctures all come from our trusted partners and have been carefully selected for your enjoyment.

We take great pride in our products and look forward to hearing any feedback and thank you for your patronage.

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