You must have online banking to send an e-transfer. Your bank will have specific instructions on how to send e-transfers using their site but the process is essentially the same for all banks.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Login to your online banking service
  2. Click on Interac e-transfer, usually under pay bills or transfer funds
  3. Enter our email: [email protected] in recipient.
  4. Enter the total amount of your order.
  5. Set the security password as: elevate420.
  6. Type your Order Number into the notes.
  7. Submit e-transfer.
  8. We will notify you via email as soon as we receive your payment.
  9. If you had a good experience, leave us a review here! thanks

Can I cancel my transfer?

High volumes of e-transfers can take some time to process. If your bank has not yet sent you a message that we have received your e-transfer, then you still have complete control of your money.

Until you receive that email you can cancel your e-transfer at any time by logging into your bank account, going to your e-transfer area, looking at the pending transfers and selecting and canceling the one you sent.

The funds, which are held by Interac, will immediately be returned to your account when you cancel. If you don’t wish to cancel, please be patient and rest assured that once you receive notification that your payment has been accepted your shipment is usually processed and mailed the same business day.

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